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Human Business Leaders 

Effortless, natural, the real you

A paid membership to:

  • Weekly interactive group training and coaching sessions with world-class coaches, Cheryl and Emma

  • Bring humanity back into business, where it belongs!

  • Learn how to be unapologetic about who you are and what you stand for.

  • Access impactful learning that sparks self-insights and builds your skills as a human-focused leader.

  • Develop your own bespoke business strategy that embraces every human at every stage.

  • Build relationships with like-minded people in a community that stands for safety and trust.

  • Celebrate your wins with a supportive and cheerleading network without guilt or awkwardness - feel empowered to succeed.

  • Build techniques so you can always find the lessons in all the challenges you ever face - resilience bottled!

  • Be part of a movement for good, empowerment, and humanity.

  • Raise others as you rise! For me, for you, for us all. Who wins if you win?

I'm in - Join now!

Cheryl Thompson

I have a 20-year senior leadership career in Financial Services. Working in blue-chip companies in banking, consultancies, Parliament set-up businesses, and law firms.

​I had a reputation for getting things done! Done quickly, done with quality, done with total transparency. Done! ​Yet, I was also known as somebody who cared for and always focused on the human no matter what. My career saw me progress quickly and efficiently, working with the c-suite in my late 20s. I eventually learned how to earn high salaries, and I eventually learned how to work on my terms, but that didn’t come until after catastrophic, bone-breaking burnout - ouch!

I was a perfect storm of burnout. After the peak of burnout, the undeniable explosion subsided, and I was signed off work. I felt many emotions, which was something new to me. I experienced pain, betrayal, guilt and shame and worse still, I felt totally alone with them - it hurt more than I thought possible. But that was all part of an immaculate rollercoaster, next to come was facing my truth, that I was a BIG part of the problem - and I promise you, that being hard to hear doesn’t make it any less the truth. My high-achieving, fiercely independent, quick to progress, slow to say no attitude made me an amazing yet potentially volatile asset that was very likely destined to crash and burn. I had to have an honest look in the mirror and doing that alone made everything take much longer than I would have preferred.

So, I reached out for help, and I’ve been asking for and providing help ever since. My coaching career, which is integral to effective leadership, stepped into close focus and from here onwards coaching took centre stage in my life.

Today my vision is a courageous and kind community, my heart is always human-focused, and my strategy is collaborative conscious growth for all.

Emma Matthews

I had a long, high-flying career in the Financial Services world, reaching senior positions where I worked alongside the C-Suite of large multinational organisations.

I had it all; the title, the benefits package, the clothes, the shoes, the handbags, the holidays, the house, the car, the gym membership – you name it, but deep down inside, I was miserable and getting sick.

I was losing my human.

I experienced an extreme burnout and breakdown that left me struggling to get out of bed. I thought my life was over.

After a painful recovery, a reconnection with my human and what I wanted in life, I came out of burnout with a new sense of purpose and a mission to help others. This new perspective led me to part with the corporate world and changed my entire life.

I set up and sold a successful sales agency. I’ve trained in therapeutic coaching, pure coaching and hypnotherapy and am studying for a masters-level psychotherapy qualification.

I now have a thriving coaching, mentoring and consultancy practice that makes my soul sing. My mission is to help as many people as possible connect with their full human, so burnout becomes a thing of the past.


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